Plum jam sugar free

Plum jam is a traditional Polish jam made for three hundred years. The best time to start preparing plum jum is the beginning of October when plums are ripe and sweet. Use the special plum type, in Poland called, Hungarian plum.

Plum jam

Plums, no less than 5 kilos. You must know that plums wane during frying so from 5 kilos of plums you gane 4-5 jars (300 ml)





Choose only healthy fruits.

Wash plums, stone them and put into the wide and double bottom saucepan. Fry fruits very gingrly, must mind not to burn your jam. Must fry your jam few hours (6-8h) mix it very often. You can divide your frying on few days. Plum jam is ready when parts of fruit can not be seen, you can find only peel remains. The colour is deep brown.

Jars sterilization. Wash your jars and caps, put them into the oven and leave them on 15 minutes at the temperature of 130 degrees centigrade.

Prepared hot plum jam put into the sterile jars, spin them and put into the oven for the pasteurization. Heat the oven to 130 degrees Celcius and pasteurize your plum jam for 25 minutes.

Store your jam no longer than a year in a cool place.
Use your jam to the different kind of cakes or just put it on the slice of bread.

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